What to do in spring

What to do if you get sleepy in spring?

“Chunmian doesn’t know it, and I hear birds everywhere.

“In the beautiful season when flowers and birds are blooming, adults and children often feel sleepy and weak, unable to lift their spirits, lazy and even sleepy.

This phenomenon is called spring sleepiness.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, spring sleepiness is just a physiological phenomenon in which the human body cannot adapt to the change of the seasons temporarily, and changes in cerebral blood flow occur.

The human brain only accounts for 2% of the body’s weight, but the blood needed for it accounts for 20% of the heart’s blood flow, and the oxygen consumption is 30% of the body’s total.

In the cold winter, under the regulation of the central nervous system, the human body’s capillaries contract and blood flow is relatively reduced. The sweat glands and pores are also closed to prevent excessive dispersion and ensure adequate blood flow to the brain.

By the time of spring light exposure, skin blood vessels gradually expanded, sweat glands and pores also opened, and skin blood flow increased.

However, at this time, the volume of human blood increases, resulting in a relatively reduced blood supply to the brain and insufficient energy. Naturally, you will feel dizzy and always want to sleep.

  Some people say that spring sleepy people love bed.

However, to resolve spring difficulties, sleep more instead of a solution.

Although spring sleepiness is not a morbid state, it is not conducive to the healthy coordination of people’s physical and mental states, and it needs to be implanted and adjusted through various methods.

  Under normal circumstances, adults can sleep for about 8 hours a day. Increasing sleep may reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex and keep it in a suppressed state. People will become more lethargic and listless. As a result, the more you sleep, the more you sleep.sleepy.
Not only can you not sleep in spring, you should reduce your sleep.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine · The Theory of the Four Modulations” said: “In spring and March, this is called Chen.

The world is perfect, and everything is glorious.

Lie up early in the night, walk in court.

The general idea is that in the spring all things sprout, and nature is full of vitality. People should also go to bed later and get up earlier, walk up and down, relax, and relax, so that they can draw momentum from nature and maintain a sense of anger.

  Therefore, experts suggest that doors and windows are often opened in the spring to make indoor air flow; increase outdoor activities, appropriately increase the number of physical exercises suitable for yourself, and increase the communication between people; when you are distressed, you can smell the wind oil essence,Cool oil or floral fragrance, or sprinkle some toilet water, light a hygienic fragrance to dispel the sleepiness and rejuvenate the spirit, it will have a good effect of solving sleepiness.

  In addition, dietary regulation also has a good effect of reducing sleepiness. For example, reducing the consumption of small amounts of food during lunch can supplement the absorption and absorption burden of digestion and reduce the extra blood supply required to ensure sufficient blood supply to the brain, thereby improving the brain’sAbility to work.