CCRE (603948): IPO pricing report

CCRE (603948): IPO pricing report

The company’s main business is the production, research and development and sales of low-carbon tertiary amines, plasticizers, acetates, and electronic chemicals.

The company’s low-carbon tertiary amine products use independently developed advanced production processes and catalysts. The production process uses DCS control for large-scale production. In terms of control level, product quality, cost, safety technology, and environmental protection facilities have reached a high level.

(1) The company is a state-level emerging enterprise, a key development enterprise of the 合肥夜网 National Torch Plan, a technology innovation demonstration enterprise in the Chinese chemical industry, a China-industry-research cooperation innovation award and an innovation achievement award enterprise, and an innovative demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

The company’s low-carbon tertiary amines are national key new products. Triethylamine, n-butylamine and monosubstituted amine products have obtained Zhejiang manufacturing certification. Environmental plasticizers are key innovative products in Zhejiang Province, which fully reflects the company’s technological advantages.

The company’s research and development of key technologies for continuous production of low-carbon trace amines have been identified to reach the international advanced level. The company’s “continuous low-carbon trace amine production technology” won the first prize of Zhejiang Province 合肥夜网 Science and Technology, and “the disproportionation of disubstituted amine”Zhejiang Chemical Industry Science and Technology First Prize”, “Butanone sec-butylamine” won Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Third Prize, “Acetate Compatible Production Key Technology and Industrialization” won the Ministry of Science and Technology National Torch Plan IndustrializationCertificate of demonstration project.

(3) The company relies on high-quality products. After years of development, the company’s brand has formed a wide range of influence in low-carbon tertiary amines, plasticizers and other markets.

With many years of brand accumulation, good product quality and perfect service system, the company has gathered rich customer resources. The customers are widely distributed in pesticides, medicines, coatings, dyes, catalysts, curing agents, new energy materials, cosmetics, food.Additives, chemical fertilizer slow-release agents, preservatives, solar energy, LED, integrated circuits and other downstream industries, covering East China, South China, Central China and some overseas countries and regions