Baby over 2 years of age should not drink whole milk

Baby over 2 years of age should not drink whole milk

The British Food Standards Agency recently said that children over the age of two are not suitable for whole milk, otherwise they will risk arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in the future.

  Compared with children of the same age who can also drink whole milk 20 years ago, many 5-year-old children in the UK now have high blood lipids.

This situation has caused people’s interests.

  The head of the British Food Standards Agency’s nutrition problem said that eating whole milk also made children healthier and slimmer than children today.

It is because they participate in more sports activities and have less chance of receiving junk food.

  The saturated trace contents of ordinary whole milk and semi-skimmed milk are 3 respectively.

5% and 1.


The saturated trace content of skim milk is negligible.

But their calcium content is the same, and they can enhance children’s bone and tooth growth.

She hasn’t yet. The sooner the healthy eating habits are formed, the better. Children over the age of 2 drinking semi-skimmed milk or 1% milk will be more healthy.