Urban green home environment

Urban green home environment

In some universities and residential quarters in the south, some walls are covered with vine climbing plants, some of which are almost four or five stories high, and some of them still have unknown little yellow flowers, which are really beautiful.

From a distance, the greenery looks like a forest.


hzh{display:none;}  对此,我不由地想到,给城市绿化用行道树、灌木做快、慢车道和人行道的隔离带,以及绿化市民广场等处:除了高层和一些建筑的玻璃幕墙过于光滑.
Can plants be climbed, can other buildings be used in addition to urban greening systems?

Wall greening will produce the following impurities: First, because there are no detentions such as high-voltage electrical wires, the green plants on the wall can be freely shifted to the space, so that green soil such as lawns and trees cannot function.

For example, in the winter, it can keep warm; in the summer, it can cool the walls and cool indoors, thereby reducing the city’s heat island effect. If possible, citizens can turn on or off the air conditioner at high temperatures.

In this way, it is both energy saving and environmentally friendly.

In Germany, air conditioners are generally not installed in summer and do not feel how hot the room is.

In addition to the reasonable layout of the city, another important factor is that some buildings there are covered with vines and the plants regulate the temperature.

  In fact, if the green belt on the wall appears above the road, it can expand people’s green vision. In this way, pedestrians not only seduce their eyes and meditate, but also relieve the driver’s visual fatigue; even at the intersection, the driver is adequatePatiently waited for the green light to pass.

In this case.

Can reduce the incidence of accidents.

In fact, these are also like huge mufflers, which can reduce the noise generated by vehicles on the road and make people in the roadside community live a quieter life.

  Third, wall greening can absorb a large amount of urban dust, consume carbon dioxide, reduce dust pollution in the air, and reduce the spread of some viruses, which is beneficial to the health of citizens.

  Fourth, the green plants on the wall are generally not delicate, and they are in proportion to ocean lawns and camphor trees. It is necessary to wait and say that they are “looking at the sky”.

In this case, the cost will be much smaller, but the effect is more effective, just like investing in a green bank; after it is completed.

Allows people to enjoy the benefits of green for a long time.

  (Editor Tang Zhihui)