Find out the woman’s love

Find out the woman’s love

For a wise woman, it is better to express her love along with the argument.

A woman who pursues rationality must first attract her with a strong magic of love, attack in a straightforward manner, or express her chest.

Overcoming reason with affection is the best way to pursue a rational woman.

Because, in general, a sane woman gives people a sense of intimidation because of her wisdom, and many men often respect it.

Reasonable women have less chance of receiving love, and when they are loved, they can feel the existence of love more.

  A thoughtful and introverted woman, if she wants to pursue it, can show care and consideration so that she can talk patiently when she is in a bad mood, and create opportunities for her to vent her feelings.

Because introverted girls usually do not like to express their emotions, it is easy to produce a sense of depression in the inner heart due to small things, so that it is easy to produce a violent burst of emotions.

If you can balance and coordinate her heart, you will slowly become her target and lover.

  If a woman pursuing a strong self-esteem should make room for her when she is rejected, give her self-esteem and satisfaction, and then take advantage of the opportunity to express her feelings gently when her inner attitude changes, often receiving magical results.

This is because women with strong self-esteem are often very confident in their looks. When there are suitors, they often give them a frosty return.

Because of this, they pay special attention to the impression they make on others.

After they refuse the suitors, they usually have some reflection and understanding. The feelings that were originally beyond rationality gradually cool down and cool down, a kind that can be saved in their hearts.

They would think that if the facts prove that they are too unforgiving, they will be considered as cruel and uneducated.

This is exactly what they care about and do not want to accept. This nominal balance of gains and losses leads to their intention to re-evaluate the suitors.

At this time, it is also a great opportunity for the suitor to confess. Don’t miss this opportunity.

  Braking with static sometimes, women don’t care about your appearance, but in fact they are full of contradictions. Because of repeated refusal, the suitor may stay away and may make herself taste the taste of being alone.

And you are chasing too tightly, the female “defense instinct” reorganizes your breakthrough and rejection, which is also a kind of stubbornness and excitement of women, refusing to admit defeat and curiosity.

As long as you can seize this mentality of women and master the rhythm of chasing, you will definitely be able to hunt down your heart and get happy love.

  Single-headedness Most women like straightforward expressions. Although some people are worried that frank expressions are a little embarrassed on the first date, they will find such men full of charm, and it is difficult to reject single-headed expressions.

On the contrary, they hate that kind of narrative, babble, taciturn, overly implicit male.

Therefore, men must be frank when inviting women. If the other party does not like it, she may refuse by suggestion or other reasons. If the other party is silent, you can judge whether she will refuse your invitation.

At the same time, you also need to make her feel that she was “going to the appointment because she really could not find any reason”, so that she can be comforted. She is not a casual girl, but she went to the appointment only because of your hard request.

  Knocking on women has a kind of psychological defense instinct, often using words to disguise their own instincts, and they don’t like other people’s brilliant words.

If a man is clever and speaks frankly about a woman’s mind, it often causes resentment.

Therefore, when pursuing women, you must master the art of speaking, look at words and words, speak euphemistically, and be precise.

  A chic and calm woman has a natural instinct for self-defense and is wary of men.

They don’t like the following two types of men, one is to stay in front of women and be a whisperer, and the other is to exaggerate in front of women.

Both people are unnatural.

In fact, men should maintain a chic and calm, sincere and natural character in order to eliminate women’s alertness and win their hearts.

  Decisive women want to find a safe haven through marriage.

They like men who are resolute, decisive, enthusiastic, hearty, and responsible, but disdainful of men who are fearful, indecisive, and hesitant.

Therefore, men should fully demonstrate the excellent qualities of men in front of women.

  Cleverly breaking the rules Generally speaking, girls’ lives are bland, and their desire to change is also very strong. They hope that something unexpected will happen to add some changes to their lives.

So they don’t like stereotyped, conventional men.

Of course, before catering to this kind of stimulating and changing psychology of women, you must first let them rationally confirm that you are a stable person, and then you can break through the rules and create new ideas to make them full of interest.

Otherwise, it will be self-defeating, and women will have the impression that you are frivolous and procrastinating.

  The emotions of preemptive speakers can infect listeners.

Knowing this psychology, one of the ways to impress a woman’s heart is through her superb personality.When talking to a woman, always infiltrate your personal feelings about the event, strengthen the subjective color in the narrative, and thereby increase her concern for what you say.

Therefore, men have to enter the role first when they are personal with women, take the initiative, replace their own emotional likes and dislikes in subjective consciousness, and passionately create a personality atmosphere.

Remember not to suppress your inner feelings and extinguish the fire of passion.

  Sincerity and spirituality women like to be sincere and considerate and attentive. On the contrary, they have a “bad heart” and “don’t try” feelings toward a man who is overly diligent.

Therefore, a good way to open a woman’s heart is to be kind and sincere.

  A woman’s state of mind is diverse and complex.

In fact, the world does not have a master key to solve the mystery of women.

What has been described above are just some of the basic psychological characteristics of women.

As a man in love, you should know more about women ‘s psychology. According to the specific situation and specific analysis, it is appropriate for the time and for the person. Use superb techniques to seize the woman ‘s heart and pick the tempting flower of love.