To lose weight, you have to eat!

What should I eat at night?

To lose weight, you have to eat!
What should I eat at night?

For the beauty who wants to lose weight, the most difficult thing is that the food can not be moved at present. Under the intense struggle of appetite and thought experience, it will often be defeated, and the cockroach is arrested by the food.

However, some smart girls are able to maintain good body while enjoying the food. The secret lies in their choice of ingredients.

  So how can we eliminate food concerns and eat healthy and lose weight?

  In fact, the method is very simple: 1, want to lose weight?

The attitude is very important.

  Food is a natural and important part of human life, providing the nutrients and transformations that our body needs.

Food is a miracle in our colorful life, and if it is because of it, it is a pity.

attitude decides everything!

You must have a correct understanding of food and put it in a positive, balanced position.

  2. Develop a plan for your diet.

  Check your plan every day and let the impulse to eat become a thing of the past.

You no longer have to worry about and worry about food, because in your plan you have chosen the type, time and place of eating.

  3. Remind yourself in time.

  Food is the main fuel and repair resource of the body. When you find yourself attracted to food, ask yourself: “Is my food already satisfied with my physical needs?

“If the answer is “yes”, then praise yourself.

And consciously remove the attention to food.

  Diet food suitable for evening consumption: 1, after 8 pm, eating fruit to lose weight banana is actually a “sleeping pills” wrapped in peel, in addition to serotonin and melatonin, it also has the effect of muscle relaxation.Magnesium.

In addition, eating bananas before going to bed does not cause weight gain, because it has low calorie and rich dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements.

  2, low-fat or skim yogurt, milk, yoghurt taste is not enough, can be supplemented with jam, a cup of warm milk before going to bed to sleep, the statement has long been known, because milk contains a tryptophan, it can be likeThe amino acid acts as a calming effect.

Rest assured, drinking milk before going to bed will not only be fat, but will also supplement the body’s calcium.

  3, soy milk is rich in calcium, so drinking soy milk at night can compensate for the demand for calcium at night.

Of course, soy milk is also rich in protein and other ingredients, which can be added to the body after a hard day’s work.

It is not easy to drink soy milk within two hours before going to bed, because the body can not fully absorb, it will accumulate in the body.

  4, peaches, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes and other mild low-fat vegetables are really hungry to eat some fruits and vegetables, but remember to choose some sugar-containing fruits and vegetables, or sugar can not consume completely sleep when sleepingBecome a pile of manure.

  5, Tremella, lotus seeds, white fungus, lotus seeds and other traditional health diet varieties do not contain sugar and sugar, not afraid to eat at night.

However, the added sugar will enter the body and become unfortunate and may cause the body to gain weight.