New formula of healthy vegetable juice

New formula of healthy vegetable juice

Vegetable juice has always been revered as a water for health. Recently, American nutritionists have put forward some unique views on how to make and replace vegetable juice. What they value most is that rationally optimizing vegetable juice can make you feel tired.The body quickly restores energy and vitality – while the focus is on the oxidation of the juice.

It is difficult to extract the juice from the raw material in a calibrated manner and to avoid the occurrence of oxidation.

Once the juice is oxidized, what kind of material is used to make the vegetable juice. Almost every vegetable juice is good for health, but some materials will become the “energy-enhancing effect” that other vegetable juices do not have.

  Nutritionists specifically remind: If possible, be sure to choose 100% organic products and locally grown natural ingredients.

Because the latest investigation found that even quality-assured non-organic products, there are more than 64 kinds of preservatives, which is tantamount to a deadly neurotoxin!

In addition, nutritionists say that fruits and vegetables must be juiced separately, except for apples.

Because apples can be mixed with vegetables, add some unique flavors to many vegetable juices.

  Green is the symbol of life on earth, so the color of the juice is also the best.

As an introductory choice for vegetable juices, try a combination of celery, fennel and cucumber, as these are very easy to digest vegetables.

It is also a good choice since Apple, because it can be integrated with vegetables, and can also replace the lack of vegetable juice taste and nutrient concentration.

If your body is now adapted to vegetable juices, you can start by choosing a little vegetable and fruit to make, such as lettuce, lettuce and spinach.

  How to properly add a fresh raw egg to the vegetable juice is a good way to supplement the body’s protein needs, especially for those who can’t stand the taste of raw eggs. In addition, plant seeds are also good.It can be added to vegetable juices to provide us with rich and healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

  More excellent vegetable juices should try to add cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, dandelion leaves and mustard green leaves.

Carrots are also a good choice, but they contain a lot of sugar.

Carrots in different parts of the world contain different sugars, while industrially produced sugars are mostly used in junk foods.

Nutrients from vegetables and fruits can be absorbed and utilized together with sugar to add to our health, not including industrially produced sugars.

  Last but not least, the juices sold in supermarkets also contain highly concentrated sugars, not the high nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits – which is why they are called “death juices”.
They are usually kept in plastic bottles on supermarket shelves and often cause insulin reactions and consequent weight gain.

  Reminder: Seeds are a useful supplement to vegetable juices, but genetically modified foods must be avoided. Genetically modified foods are very harmful to humans.

Of course, buying 100% organic food is the only way to avoid this, but the basic logo is only used in supermarkets.