Four major themes such as 5G are favored by institutions

Four major themes such as 5G are favored by institutions

Securities Times reporter Yan Cui’s semi-annual report reorganization is complete. The silent period for semi-annual reports of listed 杭州夜网论坛 companies has passed. Institutional research has also gradually become active. At the same time, the focus of institutions has also begun to shift to the “nuggets” third-quarter earnings report.

  Four major themes get attention According to Oriental Fortune Choice statistics, last week a total of 97 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities disclosed institutional survey information, a decrease of 10 from the previous week’s 107, but generally 20-30 per week compared to AugustInstitutional research. Institutional research has gradually returned to normal activity.

  Securities Times reporters combed last week’s research and found that last week the organization focused on four major themes of 5G, biomedicine, pork, new energy (including photovoltaic, LED, wind energy, lithium power, etc.), such as 5G, the organization has stepped on the national pulse technology, 深圳桑拿网 Anjie Technology, Guangxin Materials, Leading Education, Sunlord Electronics, Shennan Circuits, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Xinwei Communications, and other companies, biomedical institutions have successively discovered Hualan Biological, Shanghai Rice, Revitalizing Biochemical,Yunnan Baiyao, Kelly Thai, Dean Diagnostics, etc .; also affected by the continuous rise in pork prices, pork concept stocks Wen’s shares, Zhengbang Technology, New Hope, etc. have all accepted the concentrated research of batch institutions.Wind Technology, Jingsheng Mechanical and Electrical, Foshan Lighting and other companies also received institutional research last week.

  From the perspective of market performance, the weekly increase among companies that received institutional research last week was generally positive, reaching 87, accounting for nearly 90%.

Among them, the companies that have increased by more than 15% include Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Lanxiao Technology, Yongtai Technology, HTC, Leading Education, Youzu Network, Haixing Power, and the weekly gains were 24.

5%, 19.

9%, 18.

9%, 18.

0%, 17.

9%, 17.

1%, 16.


Previously the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 3.

93% to close at 2999.

6 o’clock.

  The third quarterly report of the explosive stocks of Nuggets Gold is that after the first half of the year, there is no suspense in the research.Energy, Dahua Co., Ltd., Langxin Technology, Bonded Technology, and CV Source, etc., some of which meet the results of the three quarterly reports, and continued high growth.

  Jiemei Technology is expected to usher in a turning point in the third quarter of this year.

According to Jiemei Technology’s semi-annual report, the company’s revenue and net profit were 3 in the first half of the year.

8.2 billion and 54.14 million yuan, respectively, with 36 extensions.

18%, 48.

64%, but operating income is expected to be 10 in the first three quarters.

2 billion, an increase of 44 every year.

35%, net profit 2.

4 billion, an increase of 55 every year.


  When the company was surveyed by the agency, it said that after a very hot and continuous price increase, after the shortage of stock, the passive component industry entered the destocking adjustment period in late October last year, and the downstream output decreased from the fourth quarter of last year to the first half of this year.Nearly 30% also has a potential impact on the company’s performance.

Until the second half of this year, the industry began to gradually recover. From the downstream perspective, most of the customers have recovered to 90% of the same period last year, except for individual customers, which have not yet fully recovered.

In terms of business, the company has rebounded significantly since July, and is expected to continue to recover in September, with a noticeable increase from the previous month. It is expected to achieve double-month growth by the fourth quarter.